Terms of sale

Terms of sale

Ball pythons listed on the site are captive bred by ABpythons, guaranteed healthy and well-started (each individual snake had atleast 5 meals), gender is also correctly determined.

Available snakes are listed under the »AVAILABLE / FOR SALE« tab after their first shed and after they had eaten atleast 5 meals. We guarantee healthy and well-started snakes and therefore If the snake has not yet had 5 meals, the customer will be notified and will receive the snake only after that requirement is met.

Reservations are possible for snakes listed in the »AVAILABLE / FOR SALE« tab. Snakes are reserved after a 20% deposit, based on the full price of the animal. The deposit is non-refundable, unless ABpythons is for any reason not able to provide the animal(s), in that case the customer will be immediatelly notified and deposit promptly returned.  Once the reserved animal is ready to be received by the new owner full price needs to be paid within 60 days, or the deposit will be lost.

If you are interested in buying from ABpythons you can do so by picking up the animal at the facility (you should e-mail in advance), by picking up the snake at a national or international expo that ABpythons will be attending, it is also possible for ABpythons to deliver the animal(s) to a desired location (in this case customer needs to pay the transport expenses).

After the animal is received by the customer it is solely under the care of the new owner and is therefore  no longer a responsibility of ABpythons. However our customer service is always open and we will gladly answer any questions, share our knowledge and help our customers in any way possible.

Orders must be paid in full at the time customer receives the animal. Payments and reservations can be made in cash, via Paypal or via bank transfer.

ABpythons.eu staff