About us

Staff of ABpythons consists of two individuals.

Blaž Podrižnik has a PhD in Biology and Andrej Poles is a Bachelor of Science in Economics. We had decided to combine our knowledge of biology, genetics and financial aspects of the business to share our love of reptiles with all of you. Together we share over 25 years of experience working with various species of reptiles. We have worked with everything from various species of boas and pythons to colubrids.

Some snakes from our latest project

However many years ago we had decided to specialize in ball python morphs. The variety and beauty of this species is truly breathtaking. The fact that they are so easy to take care of only increases  our interest in them. They truly are remarkable creatures appropriate for anyone. Color and pattern mutations offer seemingly limitless possibilities.

It took us many years to gather our collection of animals and expand our genetic knowledge of the ball python morphology.  We have done business with largest and most well known breeders all over Europe. We have always been treated and treated others with respect and in our opinion that is the most important thing when it comes to professional business interactions. This is why we not only offer healthy and top quality ball python morphs, but we are also always available to offer support to our customers and any others who might be interested in joining our beautiful world of reptiles.